SignalR, easier than you think

I recently became aware of SignalR, an ASP.NET library that allows significantly easier implementation of real-time functionality with web applications. It really became apparent that it  is simple enough that I found an example of a real-time, shared To-Do application called KsigDo with an equally well-written blog post about it. However, when I tried to run and use this application, I found it simply didn’t work. It was written back when SignalR was only at version 0.6, and as happens often enough, the library changed enough that the code no longer worked with SignalR 1.0.1 (latest release at the time of this posting).

All of the changes are detailed in this blog post. If you previously dabbled in SignalR and now stuff isn’t working, you should look here. One of the major changes was that the SignalR nuGet package is now deprecated, and you have to use the Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR package instead. Also, you now have to explicitly call a method to register all of your hubs. You can see the fixed version up on GitHub.


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